Exciting news! This week we raised an additional $13,870 bringing our total to $1,881,780 received in gifts and pledges. The campaign total continues to increase as all the Chicago parishes in Phase II step and build on the positive momentum.

One of the three main goals of our Building Our Faith Together, in Unity and with Gratitude is to develop our Eparchial resources by strengthening the administrative capabilities of the Eparchy and enhancing the com- munications with our geographically dispersed parishes and missions.
There is also a need to increase the funds available in the priests’ pension fund to cover its annual shortfall and continue to support our priests’ retirement.

Finally, we are in the process of developing the Mission Institute to serve as the chief instrument for education
in the Eparchy. Priests, deacons and lay leaders will be able to enroll in continuing education by attending traditional
classes, online seminars, and workshops. Our parishes will directly benefit from having knowledgeable and resourceful
clergy with contemporary skill sets and solid experience to serve our people on different parish levels.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Capital Campaign and our Eparchy!