As good stewards of the manifold grace of God,
each of you should use whatever gift
he has received to serve one another. 1 Pet. 4:10

If you have a gift for teaching and leadership, then you might consider to join the catechetical and Christian community leadership program – within the program, the individual can learn how to educate children, young adults, newly-married couples, seniors, and how to organize various Catholic events. If one feels the calling of vocation, then that person might choose a Deacon training program.

If one feels that God has endowed him or her with a good voice and hearing – then he or she can choose a program for cantors to perfect his or her talent and praise the good Lord through singing, but also there is a possibility to
study in two or all three programs at once.

The curriculum will last for four years – during this time 20 foundation courses will be covered as well as subjects which are related to the core courses of your field of study. The education will be based online. All students
of the program will receive relevant material that must be read, listened to, and viewed in advance – this will create a better understanding of the material to be covered during the lecture. The most important aspect of the
Mission Institute is the takeaway after the courses are completed.

For more information about this 4 year program, download the PDF below.