To have yourself, a family member, friends, any person, or group of people listed for prayers, please call the parish office at 773-625-4805 or click here including the category and name on the “purpose” line for your intention.

Memorial Candles

*For the fallen heroes of Ukraine
Perpetual Oil Lamp
*In honor of the 90th birthday of Larissa Sawka (Family)

Iconostas Icon Vigil

Christ the Teacher
*In loving memory of Alfred Bartosik (Bonnie & Sid Pyshny)
*For peace and tolerance in the world (Dmytrush Sheshurak & Boychuk Families)
Mother of God
*In loving memory of Anna, William, Walter, Andrew, Stanley, Maria, Joseph Zubrycky (Lorraine Zubrycky)
*For the fallen heroes of Ukraine (Andreychuk Family)
St. Joseph the Betrothed
*Birthday Blessings “Mnohiya Liita” for Bill Corwyn (Family)
St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
*In thanksgiving for all prayers and blessings answered (Swytnyk Family)
*For all the families who lost a loved one during Euromaidan (Pokotylo & Bidyuk)
Protection of the Mother of God
*For the fallen heroes of Ukraine (M. Bodnar Family)
*For the children that were orphaned in Ukraine during the Euromaidan (Kury & Nakonechny Families)