Early Roman Christians facing death and persecution.

Early Roman Christians facing death and persecution.

By +Fr. Tom Glynn

The differences between the world of St Paul and our own are really superficial.  In his time and in our own Christians are asking the same questions:  Where is the goodness of God?  Is His justice weighing heavy on us?  These questions were asked by the Roman Christians as they were being herded into the killing fields of the Roman Coliseum and other arenas.  The past 20th century and the beginning of this century have seen, and still see, so many atrocities and warfare.  A new word is now part of our vocabulary-terrorism.  Many ask: Where was God on Sept. 11,2001?  Where is God and His goodness on the streets of Baghdad?

St. Paul, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, proclaims the faithfulness and justice of God in the face of human frailty and evil.  Through Jesus Christ a new age can come in which earthly powers, the powers of evil and darkness can be defeated.

Some reflections – is my conduct appropriate to my status as being a son or daughter of God?  We are called to live a special kind of lifestyle as Jesus disciple – how do I measure up to it?

Originally published on June 13th, 2004