Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
Our beloved Ukraine is once again embroiled in a bloody battle with the forces of evil, one which denies Ukrainians the right not only to their language and culture, but to existence itself. This diabolical ideology tried to destroy our sovereignty and erase, from history itself, the fact of our existence. But we have fought, we continue to fight and we choose our right to live!
This year, we are arriving at an important time for our people – the 90th anniversary of the genocide against Ukrainians during the 1932-33 famine. Today we are fighting against an enemy who ninety years ago, organized an attempt to completely exterminate our people. We remember this, that is why today we
fight for our past, present and future.
This year, on November 26, Ukrainian churches in Chicago are invited to a special event in commemoration of our history. With the support of Cardinal Cupich, we will pray for the victims of the famine and for our heroes who have given their lives for our freedom in the main edifice of the Roman Catholic Church
in Chicago – Holy Name Cathedral. The Ukrainian community will gather at Water Tower Place at 6:30 pm, and then move to the Cathedral for a memorial service.

I ask all of you to take part in this important event since we are all on the same side and will prayerfully remember all the victims of the Holodomor and all of our newest Heroes, and once again we will bear witness to Ukraine’s struggle for freedom in front of the residents of the city of Chicago in the main edifice of the Chicago RCC. God’s Blessing on you!

Bishop of St. Nicholas Eparchy