This icon embodies the nature of our Church's Holy Mysteries - eternal and life-giving.

Святі Тайни Церкви – видимі й невидимі

Що таке ‘Святі Тайни’?

The holy mysteries (also referred to as sacraments) are vessels of the mystical participation in divine grace of mankind. In a general sense, the Church considers everything which is in and of the Church as sacramental or mystical.

Святі Тайни, як Христова Церква, видимі й не видимі. В кожній тайні існують фізични символи та таємний духовний вплив Божої ласки. Святий Іван Золотоустий писав, що вони називаються “тайни” то яке ми віримо не що бачимо; радше, ми бачимо одне і віримо друге .

The mysteries are personal — they are the means whereby God’s grace is appropriated to each individual Christian. In most of the mysteries, the priest mentions the Christian name of each person as he administers the sacrament.

In a broader sense, the whole life of a Christian must be seen as a single mystery or one great sacrament. The different aspects are expressed in a great variety of acts, some performed only once in a lifetime (Baptism, Marriage), others perhaps almost daily (Reconcilliation, Eucharist).