Our church in the late 1950's.

Our church in the late 1950’s.


Since the time that the Ukrainian Catholic Church first began to move in large populations outside of the territory of modern-day Ukraine over 130 years ago, it has faced countless challenges of identity, structure, hierarchy, and diplomacy with other Churches.

Our Church, in Ukraine and abroad, as a result of the complicated sociopolitical effects of our 16th century union with the Roman See has faced countless attempts at latinization, the process of slowly substituting the Eastern Orthodox liturgy, spirituality, and theological outlook native to our Church with those of the Roman Catholic Church. Often times the manta used by Roman Catholic Hierarchs in the United States during the early 20th century was “Unity by Uniformity.”

The incongruence which arose as a result of mixing Traditions often caused misunderstanding between Churches in terms of cooperation, communion, and interaction between the East and West. Approaches to the theologies of both Eastern and Western Churches were confused, and irreparable damage was done to the ancient Tradition of our Church.

This portion of our parish website is dedicated to promoting self-awareness and self-identity as Eastern Catholics through scholarly texts pertaining to the identity of our Churches.

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